So you may have read about the Bitcoin Tithing from 2013. If you had been practicing this you are probably pretty wealthy today! Power to Yo!

Another way we can add more power to the Yoan community is via CPU donations (which are converted into Monero). Monero has the benefit of many of the facets of Bitcoin, but it is also more private and fungible. These properties will likely become important in the future. Sure, it will have scaling challenges, but it will likely have a nice distribution and will be more decentralised due to the algorithms resistance to ASIC Miners.

It isn't a first mover, so it will likely never replace Bitcoin, however, it does show a lot of promise.

But how does this help us build temples for marketing/ heaven on Earth?

Well, full disclosure - this page is running a Monero miner so you are donating your CPU right now! Please leave your comments below to give your thought on whether this should be distrubted with CPU donors or if this is a valid donation mechanism for Yoism.

Most major religions have some regular source of income from the adherents of the "faith" - I use that in inverted commas because Yoism doesn't require faith, and actually abhors it. Be it selling redemption, passing around the communion plate, interest on loans etc.
Tithing is one practice that seems to work very effectively, and scales well as the congregation grows. From a Yoan perspective, tithing has one obvious downside and  another non-obvious one.

The main downside of tithing is that the money flows to the central organising body - and when money equals power, you have a centralisation of this power, thereby making the religion far more
effective, but also far more dangerous. Yoism tries to capture the effectiveness of organisation, yet still avoid the dangerous potential that comes with centralised power. The non-obvious downside is that
all religions engaged in these money generating activities are also
endorsing another belief system - that of the monetary system where power in centralised with the Central Banks. It is essential that there needs to be some system, based on belief in money, that a
religion must rely on to manage its power accumulation - but there is a diversity of choice from property, to currency to Bitcoin. Most religions spread their risk throughout all of these.

For Yoism, Bitcoin presents a unique opportunity given the distributed
nature of its followers and the open source nature of the religion.
The process of Bitcoin tithing, where instead of giving Bitcoin or money to the central organising body, Yoans could just regularly buy bitcoin on a weekly or monthly basis. Over time this would lead to the price of Bitcoin continually increasing as demand grows and supply
dwinldes. The congregation, and thereby the religion would continually increase their own financial wealth, and power, but not incur the downside of a centralised power to be abused. Furthermore, it would be endorsing a decentralised monetary belief system and would allow for trade within the congregation to occur with obvious tax advantages.

So what are you waiting for, begin bitcoin tithing today, no church interference necessary!

It is interesting to note that according to freebase, the only religion that claims Earth as its place of worship is Yoism.

It would seem to be quite accurate.
For the sake of argument, I think it is best to define religion as a particular system of belief. In this sense, atheism doesn't fall outside the boundary of religion even though they have no "theology" they do have a common system of belief - in some areas at least. this also means that Communism doesn't get a pass, nor do Apple fan boys.

For meaningful discussion, I think this is an important distinction to make.