So you may have read about the Bitcoin Tithing from 2013. If you had been practicing this you are probably pretty wealthy today! Power to Yo!

Another way we can add more power to the Yoan community is via CPU donations (which are converted into Monero). Monero has the benefit of many of the facets of Bitcoin, but it is also more private and fungible. These properties will likely become important in the future. Sure, it will have scaling challenges, but it will likely have a nice distribution and will be more decentralised due to the algorithms resistance to ASIC Miners.

It isn't a first mover, so it will likely never replace Bitcoin, however, it does show a lot of promise.

But how does this help us build temples for marketing/ heaven on Earth?

Well, full disclosure - this page is running a Monero miner so you are donating your CPU right now! Please leave your comments below to give your thought on whether this should be distrubted with CPU donors or if this is a valid donation mechanism for Yoism.
4/21/2019 01:46:25 am

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